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Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! by Drache-LehreFlower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! by Drache-LehreFlower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Owl Avatar by Kezzi-Rose :earth: :earth: :earth: :earth: Owl Avatar by Kezzi-RoseFlower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! by Drache-LehreFlower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! by Drache-LehreFlower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


:iconhello3plz::iconhello4plz: Group logo #Natureweb by MagicalMerlinGirl

Welcome to NatureWeb. If you love nature then this is the place for you. When you join NatureWeb you become part of the family of caring and friendly individuals and we encourage you to share your work and let it be seen.

:bulletgreen: I want to join
Simply click Join Group and you will become a member

:bulletpink: How do I submit my work?
Click the contribute art button and choose the folder.

The featured folder is reserved for the admins to choose the best work to go into.

We accept the best deviations and judge them on the following

technical aspects - light, color, focus, detail, and feeling
Great composition, quality, great focus, non cluttered backgrounds, nice framing. If the image doesn't contain this then it will be refused. But don't think we don't like your image, just submit something else

And the rules...?

:bulletblue:All photos have to be of a reasonable quality so no blurred images.

:bulletorange: Members can submit up to one photo per folder per week. That way your deviation feed isn't full of loads of art every day.

:bulletpurple:All media must have been created by you.

:bulletblue: All art mediums are welcome

:bulletwhite: NO PHOTOS OR ANY MEDIA OF DEAD OR INJURED ANIMALS. No gory photos are allowed or anything that is deemed inappropriate will not be accepted.

:bulletwhite: Photos featuring man-made elements (e.g. bridges, roads, pylons etc.) or humans are allowed but only if the photo os focused on nature.

:bulletred:No trolling, bullying or any sort of abuse! Anyone who does will be banned from the group permanently. 

:bulletblue: I have an idea for the group.

That's brilliant. If you have ideas, things you think should be changed or any feedback we'd love to hear from you. After all a group is nothing without its amazing members so please get in touch. 

:bulletgreen: Any contests?

A monthly contest is held every month With the Chance to win features, commissions and llamas. 

:bulletred: Where do the prizes come from?
Apart from commissions and features we rely on points from either members or other deviants who enjoy the group. Every donation is appreciated. You can donate here

Hope you enjoy being a member of the nature loving family. If you have any questions contact ChloeClik 

Welcome to the NatureWeb family.


Chloe :meow:


Meet the Family :iconsmileladybugplz:







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Newest Members

It's been a long time since I did one of these features so it's about time they return

This is a Wombat feature for :iconhannajayne31: 

So what do we know about these adorable little creatures?

Well apart from looking like adorable teddy bears who are dressed up as cats, they are the second largest marsupial in Australia, where they live. 

mortal wombat by trenchmaker

You wouldn't think it but Wombats can run at 40 miles an hour! Short distance. That's only ten off the speed of a lion! And five off a greyhound!

Running Wombat by Gehyra
Lion in Flight by MorkelErasmus

Wombats are nocturnal, they come out at night to search for 
grass, roots, shrubs, moss and bark, which is strange seeing as all that is there throughout the day. They hide in their burrows all day which protect them from the heat and predators. They do leave the burrows in the cool early mornings to graze though. 

Wombat by all4u

Wombat droppings are cube shaped (don't go playing rubix cubes with them! :0

Wombat forest by DeeOtter

With a tough barrel-like body, short powerful legs, and long flat claws, the wombat walks with a shuffling gait but is extremely adept at tunneling. A common wombat may have up to twelve burrows in its home range with three to four main burrows. A main burrow will house a network of subtunnels, which include multiple entrances and sleeping quarters"…"

Wombat hug by PopcornMUCH

A wombat is only pregnant for 20-30 days!

"When a joey is born, it will crawl into the pouch and attach itself to a teat. The teat will then expand in the baby’s mouth, locking the joey in place."

That doesn't sound like much fun for the poor baby Wombat!
Wombat by bjjlenore

The baby wombat will live in the pouch for six to eight months and is fully mature when they're two! 

- See more at:…

Common Wombat by WillemSvdMerwe

They only live five years in the wild but can live for 30 years in captivity!

Hope you enjoyed reading about this adorable critter.
Now tell me which animal you'd like featured next 


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With New Year comes New Years resolutions and this year one of mine is a little bit different...…

With your help I know we can make this big 

What is Smile Sprinklers?

Sometimes in life we just need to smile. And it can be the surprising things that make us do it. Finding a surprise piece of art intended for you included. And that's the whole motivation behind Smile Sprinklers


A group of people with the ambition to bring happiness into the world. Creating pieces of art then hiding them across the world for people like you to find and smile.

There are too many sad things in the world but even more good things. Sometimes though it's hard to see the happiness through the darkness. This project reminds us that. It isn't for fame or publicity it's not to be noticed it's just to bring smiles to people in the world. 

You might find a drawing in a library book or a menu, it might be peeking out of a leaflet or waiting on a table.ll. You never know and the art is for you to keep unless you want someone else to see it and smile. But if you do find it go to the website link on it and send us a message, we want to know whether it made you smile. 

Because let's face a smile can change everything :)

 I already have several artists lined up to help spread smiles and am looking for more. If you think you would like to apply then note me and I’ll send you a form to fill in. I’ll treat it like a proper interview, if you aren’t accepted it doesn’t mean we don’t like your art or anything like that, but it’s quite a specific criteria we need at the moment.

I'm excited to start and can't wait to hear what you think



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Sun Nov 2, 2014, 9:36 
:iconhello3plz: :iconhello4plz: 

The year is over now and I hope it's been a brilliant one for you, in everyones lives there are good points and bad, but the bad ones make the good seem even more precious. I hope you had a lot of good times this year. And I know you've all taken amazing photos as always throughout the year and drawn incredible drawings. 

So this month we want you to submit the best photos and drawings you can on the theme of

 'My favourite photo of 2014'

So go through all the photos you've taken in 2014 and submit. Please make sure you read the rules though. 

Starts: 30th of December 2014
Ends 25th of January 2015 (exciting) 

So you've got enough time to submit the best pics. 

Submit your sparkling 2014 photos into the folder here…

Let's make this a really big contest so spread the word and if you want to create journals. 
Every journal promoting the contest will allow the person an extra entry. Just note me the link so I don't miss it and then send the thumbnail you want to include. 

Here are the rules

Bullet; Blue You can submit three works of your choice. The photos are automatically accepted so submit your best.

Bullet; Blue They must be taken or drawn by you.

Bullet; BlueThey MUST have been taken in 2014. I can't stress the importance of this. If it wasn't taken in 2014 I'm afraid it will be removed from the folder. 

Bullet; Blue No humans or man made elements please. This is a nature group. If you're unsure about your entry show me and I'll let you know.

Bullet; Blue You must be a member to enter so why not join the NatureWeb family. We'd love to have you. 


Bullet; Blue any photos featuring, death, abuse, sexual content or anything that is deemed inappropriate by the judges will not be accepted. Please note photos with a huge emphasis on man made structures will not be accepted. If in doubt just ask and we will tell you whether it is suitable for the contest. 

Bullet; Pink We accept old and new photos 

The Prizes

From ChloeClik 

First Place
150 Points
A giant feature. 
Commissioned drawing from ChloeClik I will see it through. 

Second Place

Third Place
50 :points:

A beautiful feature from WishmasterAlchemist

Llamas, faves, watches and a big feature to all winners
from SiamailyaDeFog

Thanks to everyone's amazing support with these contests and NatureWeb. 

More prizes may become available if anyone would like to donate them here ChloeClik

Good luck to everyone and start getting your best work

Have a great week 
La la la la
Your Founder

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NatureWeb aims to celebrate the wonder and beauty and sheer awesomeness of Nature.
Founded 3 Years ago
Nov 12, 2011


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